Spur Gear Hand Winches

Built To Last
The purpose of a hand winch is to make your work easier. This can't happen if the winch you buy is in constant need of repair. That's why we build our winches to provide years of reliable service. We machine cut our gears from solid steel to meet exacting tolerances. The result is a quality set of gears that operates with precision, wears less, and resists corrosion better than conventional laminated gearing. Our corrosion resistant finishes and bronze bearings extend product life. And we guarantee our products with a Two-Year Limited Warranty.

Trustworthy Performance
We offer a wide selection of hand winches to meet your needs. Most models are available with or without brakes. And all of our hand winches have proven track records in a variety of industrial, military, agricultural, and marine applications.
500 lb. Model 1000 lb. Models 2000 lb. Models 4000 lb. Models 10,000 lb. Models Stainless Steel

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