Section 2 Power Winches

Flexible Design

Whether it's for pulling or lifting, each application presents a unique set of problems. Thern understands this, which is why we offer a broad range of catalogued products to meet different needs. In addition, our modular designs allow us to quickly tailor a winch to your application, even when your requirements fall outside the range of our catalogued products.

Options and Modifications

Thern makes it easy to customize your winch to fit your application. All power winches can easily be equipped with electric, air, or hydraulic motors. Brakemotors provide positive load control for lifting applications. Motor controls, rotary limit switches, clutches, roller pressure bars, and grooved drums are just a few of the other options available.

Reliable Construction

Power winches are often used in critical operations where productivity and profitability are tied to winch performance. Downtime can mean the loss of hundreds and thousands of dollars. Reliability is a necessity. Our high standards of design and fabrication deliver the durability and dependability required. And we stand behind our products with a Two-Year Limited Warranty.

Atlas Series 477 Series 4WS Series 4WP

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