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Griphoist Dynafor MWX Miniweighers

is the new shape of check-weighing and load measurement today!

Dynafor MWX Miniweighers:
microprocessor based electronics with new standard functions and systems.


  • operation is set up by 3 push-button controls: ON/OFF, 100 % tare, with returnto total load applied, and peak hold, to show the maximum load applied.
  • up to 700 hours operation before battery charge, with low battery indicator and automatic shutdown after 20 minutes to save battery power.
  • choice of unit measurement: kg, tonners, lbs, short tons, daN or kN, displayed on the LCD.
  • overload displayed to help prevent overloading the equipment and systems.
  • automatic zero when switched on.
  • output to connection to hand held display and controls, to PC or interface for processing or printing the information.
  • variable reponse rate, to save battery power.
  • Features:

  • accuracy to plus/minus 0.2% of capacity.
  • reliable operation, compact and rugged construction
  • ambient temperature range -14 to +104 degrees
  • weatherproof and dustproof.
  • large top shackle and bottom hook.
  • lightweight aluminum alloy body.

  • model (MWX-IR) with infra red controls
    (OFF, tare, peak hold).
  • hand held display, with integrated
    push-button controls (ON/OFF, tare, peak hold).
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