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Gripple® is now recognized as the world leader in wire and cable joining. WHY? Because it's so much faster and easier than any of the old alternatives.

 Whether you're joining two wires together, or fom-Ling an anchor loop, the Gripple is fast. What's more, you don't need a special tool to use it. Simply pass the wires through the two holes and you're done.

On the farm use it to build and repair barbed wire, woven wire, and even electric fence. (Yes, the electric current passes through the Gripple.) In the vineyard use it for trellising and tie back wires.


Gripple works just as well in construction. Suspending ducts and pipework, or drop ceilings, or running support wires, it gives you a much faster and neater job.

 Landscape contractors use Gripples when they brace trees. Antenna erectors use them to brace antennas. In the forest, they are used to bundle logs, fence posts, and more.

 In fact, wherever wire or cable is joined or fastened, Gripple can provide a safer, faster, and cleaner solution than other methods. So if you're still using crimping, twisting, tying or cable clamping to join wire and form anchor loops, you're making extra work for yourself. Isn't it time you gave yourself a break and switched to Gripples.

What's Inside?

The Gripple is designed for strength and longevity, both are requirements for outdoor use in extreme climactic conditions. Gripples have a 100% zinc alloy outer casing. Inside there are two precision serrated, hardened steel rollers that act as a locking mechanism. The rollers, supported by two stainless steel springs, allow the Gripple to be retensioned or reused in other applications if required.


Gripple Sizes Small Medium Large Maxi
Wire Diameter 14-17 GA. 10-14 GA.
15½ GA. H.T. Barbed Wire
7-11 GA.
12½ GA. Barbed Wire
8-12 GA.
Heavy Duty Applications

 How It Works

Gripples are used in electric wire fence applications because they are excellent conductors of electricity.



Broken wire is easily repaired in seconds with two Gripples and a section of splice wire.


The great part about Gripple is its ease of use - you simply push your wire or cable into the ends of the Gripple. Be sure to leave at least a two inch tail on your wire so you can easily make adjustments or retension.

Once the Gripple is in position, and reverse tension is applied, it automatically locks to keep your wire secure. To increase tension, just pull the wire or cable through even more. To remove the Gripple, cut your cable or wire and pull the ends through the Gripple and you're ready to use that Gripple again.

As you can see the simplicity of Gripple's design allows you to mend, build and secure in seconds. This enables you to save time, money (labor), and materials.


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