Introducing the Revolutionary

The No Nuts More Guts Wire Rope Clip

The Fastest, Easiest Way To Terminate Wire Rope

You could do a lot with
an extra 10...20...30 minutes.

Thats how much time you'll save when you use Gripple Rope Grips
to terminate wire rope instead of malleable clips and turnbuckles.
Gripples provide a strong, secure termination in seconds.

The Revolutionary Gripple Rope Grip

  • Replaces a turnbuckle, multiple rope clips and soft metal sleeves
  • Requires only one Gripple per termination
  • Fits on easily--heavy work gloves or cold, stiff fingers won't slow you down
  • Doesn't require wrenches or tools to install
  • One-piece device has no nuts to drop, lose, strip or snap
  • Goes on the right way the first time
  • Makes it easy to include a thimble and adjust the loop
  • Allows unlimited take up
  • Easy to tension and re-tension
  • Is a high-quality, corrosion-resistant, precision-made device

      Ideal for Many Uses

      Gripple Rope Grips provide an ideal way to tackle a variety of static bracing and
      suspended load applications, such as:
      • Guy wires for antennas, landscaping and many other applications
      • Suspended lighting, ceilings and ductwork
      • Hanging fixtures, signs and displays
      • Theatrical rigging
      • Construction
      • Safety guard cables
      • Earthquake restraints, seismic cables and tie downs
      • Wherever wire rope needs to be terminated and tensioned

        Easy to Install and Maintain

        Gripple Rope Grips require no tools to install and always go on the right way. Just make
        sure the tail end of the cable extends two inches beyond the Gripple
        • Unlike rope clips, Gripple Rope Grips cannot be installed backwards.
        • Live end..dead doesn't matter. Forget about saddling a dead horse!
        • No nuts to tighten. Maintains a secure termination without retorquing
        • No nuts to drop, strip or snap
        • Put on by hand - forget about wrenches, wrong size run-up tools, etc.

            Gripple Instructions

            One: Pass the cable through the Gripple in the direction of the arrow.You can't make a mistake-
            the arrow goes through each
            hole only one way.
            Two: Pass the cable
            through the item being
            attached to and then back through the Gripple.
            Three: Tighten by pulling on eitherstrand in the direction
            of the arrows. Repeat on the other end of the cable.
            Your done!

            Unlimited Take Up, Easy Tensioning

            Turnbuckles allow only so much take up. But with Gripple Rope Grips, take up is unlimited.
            Plus, tensioning can easily be done by one person with a pair of pliers. The exclusive Grippler
            tensioning tool makes it even easier.
            • Two sizes provide a choice of tensioning power
            • Works on Gripples up to 3/16". Larger size Gripples are tensioned with a cable grip and a com-a-long.
            • Same tool can be used by right or left handed workers


            In each Gripple, a unique pair of serrated steel wedges
            - harder than the rope they hold -
            allow the cable to pass one way only and grip tighter as more load is placed on the assembly. But what if you need to back out the cable during installation?
            No problem! Using a simple adjustment tool (supplied with each Gripple), you can
            adjust the wedge and reposition the cable before the load is tensioned.

            Gripple Rope Diameters

            Rope Grip


            3/64", 1/16", 3/32"
            1.00 - 2.00
            0.040 - 0.079
            3/32" - 1/8"
            2.00 - 3.25
            0.079 - 0.128
            9/64" - 5/32"
            3.25 - 4.25
            0.128" - 0.167
            3/16" - 7/32"
            4.25 - 5.50
            0.167 - 0.217

            Properly installed Gripple Rope Grips provide approximately 85% of the nominal breaking strength of the steel cable to which they are applied. To determine the actual holding strength of the Gripple, a pull test must be made. this will determine if the Gripple is suitable for your application. Use appropriate safety factor when calculating working load limit. Gripple rope Grips are not to be used in a load lifting capacity. Made in Sheffield , England.

            Gripple Rope Grip, Gripple and Grippler are trademarks of Gripple Limited. 1995 Gripple Inc.

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