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The most versatile endless roundsling.

The Endless Advantage

  • Wear points can be shifted to extend sling life.
  • Sling legs can be spread for improved balance.
  • the most flexible style of sling.

Standard tuflex Features

  • Color coded capacities.
  • Double wall cover on all sizes.
  • Red core warning yarns.
  • Tufhide nylon jacket on EN240 and larger.
  • Tuff-Tag gives lasting identification.
  • Each sling serialized for traceability.
  • Easy to inspect.
  • Low stretch polyester load yarns.
Standard Sizes: 1½', 3', 6', 9' and 12'
Warning: Do not exceed capacities. Ratings must be reduced when slings are used at angles of less than 90° from horizontal.

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