Tech Cord

The strongest and smallest cordellete or chock cord available. Tech Cord's 5mm diameter and 5,000 lbs. tensile strength is achieved using a unidirectional Technora core and a bombproof polyester sheath. The soft supple hand makes Tech Cord the perfect choice for balancing anchor, slinging chocks and hexes.

  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Very High Strength to size ratio
  • Ultra Low stretch
  • Non-rotating
  • Renders well with descent devices or on winches
  • Easy to knot
  • Water resistant

Product Code
Diameter Weight
(lbs. / 100 ft.)
Inches mm
387X-03 1/8" 3mm 0.7 3,200
387X-05 3/16" 5mm 1.7 5,000

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