Micro Rappel

How It Works

“Black Belt II” is a multi functional storage system. Its first mode is a storage belt, and its second mode is a harness with waist and leg support and emergency rappel system.


  • Adjustable harness
  • Easy to conceal
  • Always ready for instant action
  • Surpasses US military specification Mil-std-858 Method T102
  • Tensile strength 5mm: 5,000 lbs.
  • Lightweight 2lb. 10 oz. for complete assembly
  • Micro Rappel System

Current harnesses available are either full body harnesses or single - strap belts having a load ring. “Black Belt II” was developed as a breakthrough harness for use as an emergency harness or safety restraint. “Black Belt II” encounters little resistance to wear, and can be readily converted to a harness with comfortable waist and leg support.

The following diagram and directions offer one way of preparing the 5mm rope for use with the “Black Belt II”

Fig 1. Usage Guidelines
  1. Extend the rappel rope across the first flat surface and extend the rappel rope through the first opening.
  2. Pass the rappel rope across bar and through the third opening to the flat surface.
  3. Take the rappel rope across the second bar and through the second opening.
  4. Further extend the rappel rope around the first side edge adjacent the third ear and across the surface to the second side edge adjacent the fourth ear.
  5. Extent the rappel rope to and through the second opening to the surface.
  6. Take the rappel rope across the second bar to and through the third opening.
  7. Further extend the rappel rope across the first bar to and through the first opening.
  8. Finally, extend the rappel rope across the surface and outwardly beyond the first end edge for grasping by a person for exerting a braking force during descent of the load.
  9. Attach Carabiner to third opening below rope.

When assembled as shown in Fig. 1, the descending person permits the rope to slip through the tool with braking effected by the cross bars, the side edges, the side bars, and the first opening.


This harness is designed for rappelling and emergency use operations. Rappelling and emergency use operations are inherently dangerous activities. Before every use, review and understand all fitting, buckling, and tie-in information provided with this harness. Do not alter this product in any way. The UIAA recommends using an approved chest harness with a seat harness at all times. Special knowledge and training are required to use this product. Failure to follow these warnings increases the risk of injury or death! You are responsible for your own actions and decisions.

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