Climbing Ropes

Climbing ropes provide the physical link between climber and "protection". As with all equipment in a climbers fall protection system, tremendous forces are often exerted on rope. Dynamic rope is unique because it absorbs severe fall forces and protects the climber from impact injury.

Excellent climbing equipment offers easy working conditions. Superior ropes are engineered to provide a soft, supple feel with minimal change over time. A supple design is effortless to clip, easy to knot and runs smoothly through belay devices, with minimal hardware drag.

A durable rope offers excellent performance and value to climbers, because durability ensures safety and reliability. Maxim ropes are designed to exceed the strict UIAA and CE standards. While providing excellent fall capacity, Maxim ropes blend the performance and safety characteristics of durability and handling.

11mm Ropes 10.5mm Ropes 10.5mm Twill 10.5mm Bi-Pattern
9.8mm Ropes 9.8mm Twill 9.8mm Bi-Pattern D.C. Gym Ropes

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