Classic Ropes

Three Strand Spun Polyester Three Strand Filament Polyester Sta-Set Soft

Three Strand Spun Polyester

A conventional three-strand spun polyester rope.

Benefits: A soft, free-running rope that resists jamming and kinking.

Applications: Used on classic boats and dinghies for halyards, sheets and control lines. Also used as sailmakers' bolt rope.

Colors: White.

Three Strand Filament Polyester

A continuous filament three-strand rope.

Benefits: Excellent abrasion-resistance with low stretch and high strength. Easy to splice and easily tail-spliced into wire.

Applications: Used for halyards and control lines on dinghies and traditional boats.

Colors: Solid white.

Sta-Set Soft

Spun polyester cover with the same continuous filament braided core as Sta-Set.

Benefits: Soft on the hands, easy to handle and long wearing.

Applications: Ideal for main and genoa sheets where ease of handling and a soft feel are required.

Colors: White, and a choice of red or blue flecks. Sta-Set is identified by a fine red tracer.
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