ALTO Helmet

Go for full coverage in this fully adjustable, 3-point suspension helmet with headlamp retainer. An excellent all-round choice for climbing, caving, and mountaineering. One size.

Blue, Red, White.


Helmet for work at height

The Ecrin Best is of similar design to the Ecrin ST. Like the Ecrin ST, the shell of the Ecrin Best fulfils the requirements of the standard EN 397. The Ecrin Best differs in that the fastening buckle of the chinstrap has a higher opening strength of 50 daN, meeting the standard EN 12492. It also fulfils the optional requirements of the standard EN 397 concerning electrical insulation, protection against molten metal spatter, lateral deformation and low temperature use. The Ecrin Best is available in yellow.

Specs :
Weight: 490 g.
Universal size (53-63 cm).

Helmet for work at height

Ecrin Best helmet fitted with a rapid-fixing clip for headlamp mounting. The Micro Clip, the Arctic Clip or the Megabelt Clip can all be mounted according to choice.

Specs :
Weight: 513 g

Adjustable helmet for climbing & mountaineering

The Ecrin Roc is fitted with 2 adjustment wheels for a perfect fit. Supplied with 2 foam headbands (choose thick or thin foam according to size). Thanks to the numerous holes in the shell, it offers perfect ventilation. When the wind and cold really bite, a set of plugs (sold as an optional extra, ref. # A01870) allows you to keep your thoughts clear, and your head warm!

Specs :
white, ref. # A01 W
red, ref. # A01 R.
Size: Universal
Weight: 475 g

Helmet for industrial use

Ecrin ST helmet fitted with a rapid-fixing clip for headlamp mounting. The Micro Clip, the Arctic Clip or the Megabelt Clip can all be mounted according to choice. Note that the Ecrin ST Clip no longer fulfils the optional requirement of the standard concerning electrical insulation.

Specs :
Weight: 511 g.
Universal size (53-63 cm)

Helmet for industrial use

Ecrin ST helmet, fitted with Duo headlamp. There are no projecting wires, thus avoiding the risk of snagging, and both the light source assembly and the battery case are permanently fixed to the helmet.

Specs :
Weight: 662 g.
Universal size (53-63 cm)

Light, strong & adjustable helmet - NEW

This helmet has a high density expanded polypropylene foam headpiece on the inside and a thermoformed ABS outer shell, providing both lightness and strength.

The ergonomic shape provides maximum protection while ensuring a clear field of vision. A single adjustment wheel in the back and an adjustable chinstrap allow for efficient and quick adjustments.

Four exterior hooks and a groove in the outer shell are designed to attach and secure a headlamp.

Nothing has been left out in this simple, but refined helmet.

Specs :
Available in 2 sizes:

Helmet with Duo headlamp and Aceto light for caving

Caving helmet, a combination of three excellent products: the Ecrin Roc adjustable helmet, the Duo head lamp and the Aceto light. The Aceto light lasts for 12 hours with its low-delivery acetylene jet. When electric lighting is more advantageous, you can play with the dual capacity of the Duo lamp: powerful halogen light or more economical standard light. Both these light sources are mounted on the Ecrin Roc helmet.

Specs :
Weight: 725 g

Helmet Clips

This kit consists of four clips which can be used to secure the strap of a headlamp or goggles to a helmet that does not have strap retainers. Provides a reliable attachment to the shell of most any helmet. Set of four clips.

.4 oz (11 g)

Lightweight adjustable helmet for climbing

An extremely lightweight adjustable helmet, the Meteor foresees the requirements of modern climbers. It is also well appreciated for other activities such as canyoning and ski-mountaineering. The Meteor can be forgotten about due to its exceptionally light weight, but nonetheless offers excellent protection! It can be easily adjusted using the 3 adjustment buttons inset into the shell. 1, 2, 3, go!

Specs :
Material: Polycarbonate, expanded polystyrene.
white, ref. # A40
custom version (ref. # A40DE) for fashion conscious climbers.

Size 1: 50-58 cm
Size 2: 55-65 cm.
# 1: 240 g
# 2: 260 g.

PMI Advantage Helmet

Kevlar shell industrial head protection designed for maximum comfort and minimum impact. The PMI ADVANTAGE helmet offers 3 point chin strap suspension so it stays on your head, ratchet headband, kevlar construction, headlamp retainer, classic styling. An excellent choice for any industrial application. ANSI Z89.1 compliant .

Salamander Beak

Protect your eyes from falling debris and blazing sun. This light cordura visor attaches to your helmet with a Velcro strip (included). Black.

Removable face shield for ELIOS helmet

The Vizion is an indispensable accessory for the protection and comfort of ice climbers. Easily fitted to the Elios helmet from the PETZL range of helmets, and adaptable to any rigid helmet, it effectively protects the face from splinters of ice and snow. The ergonomic shape and adjustability (4 positions) means that the field of vision is unobstructed and can be adapted to any situation.

You can choose between 4 different positions : Low, for maximum protection/ Mid / High / Folded, for minimum encumbrance.

The visor is coated with an abrasion resistant coating on the outside and anti-mist on the inside, for comfort in use and an extended lifetime.

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