CMC Steel Rescue 8

For extra gritty environments or anywhere durability of an anodized aluminum figure 8 is considered insufficient, this large drop forged steel design is a wear-resistant alternative. Accepts rope up to 5/8”. Smaller lines can be double-passed to provide extra friction if necessary.

Gri Gri

The ultimate “do it all” multi function device, the Petzl GriGri functions as a self-locking belay device, ascender or descender. Equally useful for rope access, work positioning, tower climbing, ladder work and even in hauling systems. Properly rigged to a 10-11mm rope and loaded, a rotating stainless steel cam locks the device onto the rope. Simply unweighting the unit or alternatively pulling the self-retracting handle will unlock the cam, allowing rope to pass through the unit on rappel, in a belay or in a haul. Rope Size: 10-11 mm.


The figure-of-eight descender is made from forged aluminium. The Huit allows for rappelling on single or double ropes. The square shape reduces twisting of the rope and avoids the formation of the rope forming a girth hitch or larks head over the figure 8. It is possible to use the small oval hole as a belay plate or for descent on thinner ropes.


The square shape of this PETZL figure-eight descender reduces twisting of the rope and the formation of lark's head knots while abseiling. The small oval shaped hole allows use on thin ropes, or use as a belay plate. The anti-burn grip of the Huit Antibrulure allows the device to be handled when hot from a long or fast abseil. Made from forged aluminium. This model is anodised.


The I'D is primarily a particularly efficient and user-friendly descender. It is amazingly easy to place on the rope. To descend simply pull on the handle while keeping hold of the rope with the other hand, controlling the running of the rope by varying the grip on the free end. As soon as the handle is released, it locks. The I'D offers unmatched security in descent and has an 'anti-panic' function: it locks if the handle is gripped too hard. By simply swinging the handle, the device is locked onto the rope for work positioning. It is also ideally suited for emergency evacuation rappelling down the rope. Rope climbing is possible by effectively using the I'D with a handled rope clamp / grab and a footloop. Finally, it may also be used for belaying the leader or the second on the rope. The I'D is constructed from anodized aluminium and stainless steel. The strong handle is made from nylon reinforced with glass fibres.


The Pirana is a canyoning descender for single or double rope. It offers three different braking positions to choose from, according to the weight of the user, the rope diameter in use, and the terrain. It also offers 2 points where the rope can be angled to adjust the descent speed. A plastic attachment also ensures perfect support for any type of HMS locking carabiner. The Pirana can also be used to belay the leader.

RA/SMC Rescue 8

Prevent girth hitching with this “eared” figure eight, which can also be used with ropes up to 1/2” diameter. The carabiner hole functions effectively as a sticht plate for 1/2” rope, although this configuration does not provide sufficient friction when used with smaller diameter rope. Bar stock is same 1/2” heat treated aluminum as is used for other RA/SMC figure 8’s, and is hard anodized for long life.


Designed for long single rope descents in caving. A venerable classic among descenders. When the handle is released, the descender brakes.

The descent is controlled by varying your grip on the free end of the rope. The handle is used only to unjam the rope and allow it to slide through the device.

Thanks to the safety catch, you can install the rope with ease without having to unclip the descender from the harness.

Note: the braking bobbins are replaceable.


When the descent is long and you need to extend your rope, the ability of the Tuba to allow the passage of joining knots is unsurpassed. Two ropes under tension can pass through the Tuba. Constructed from aluminium and stainless steel, the Tuba is an effective alternative for lowering heavy loads or persons by taking turns of rope around the tube.


Allows the friction to be varied when the descender is under load to adapt to changing conditions (rope weight, terrain, etc).

  • The number of bars engaged on the rope may be adjusted at any time to obtain the desired amount of friction.
  • Good distribution of friction and heat helps preserve the rope.
  • Does not twist the rope.
Technical specifications
  • For use on a single ropes (9 to 13 mm) or double ropes (8 to 11 mm)
  • 470 g

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