Rigging Anchors

A stainless steel multidirectional hanger - 12 mm ø

With this multidirectional anchor, due to the kidney shaped carabiner hole, the force is always directed in the optimum direction for the hanger and the bolt.

Specs :
12 mm diameter of fixing hole
Weight: 40 g

A complete stainless steel anchor - 10 mm ø

This is a complete stainless steel anchor assembly comprising a Coeur hanger, expansion bolt and nut.

Specs :
With 10 mm diameter expansion bolt
Weight: 86 g

A complete stainless steel anchor - 12 mm ø

This is a complete stainless steel anchor assembly comprising a Coeur hanger, expansion bolt and nut.

Specs :
With 12 mm diameter expansion bolt
Weight: 118 g

A resin anchor - 10 mm ø

This resin anchor forged in stainless steel has a stem with a raised pattern to optimize the adherence of the glue. This anchor is designed for long-term installation.

Specs :
Weight: 94 g

Webbing anchor sling

Very easily adjustable from 20 to 150 cm by a simple pulling action thanks to the rapid adjustment buckle, the Connexion Fast is made from high strength webbing.

Specs :
Weight: 390 g.
Breaking strength 18KN

Lanyard and webbing anchor sling

The Connexion Fixe is a lanyard and a portable anchor made from high strength webbing. It has a forged steel D ring at each end.

Specs :
Weight: 335-387-438 g.
Breaking strength 35KN

Lanyard and webbing anchor sling

Easily adjustable from 80 to 130 cm thanks to the adjustment buckle, the Connexion Vario is made from high strength webbing.

Specs :
Weight: 475 g.
Breaking strength 22KN

DELTA n 10
Triangular shaped screw link

This triangular shaped screw link is designed to join a caving sit-harness to a Croll or a lanyard.

Specs :
Diameter 10 mm
Weight: 150 g

Forged Steel O-Ring

Simple, low cost focal point for rigging. This is a “bombproof” forged steel ring that is ideal for any multi-directional loading situaion.

Breaking Strength:
30,000 lbf

9 oz (255 grams)


A stainless steel expansion anchor - 12 mm ø

This expansion anchor which cannot be dismantled is very useful, with no need of a spanner for tightening. The Long Life is a 12 mm diameter bolt with a non-removable hanger.

Expansion occurs when the central stem is driven in with a hammer.

Specs :
12 mm diameter bolt with a non-removable hanger.
Weight: 98 g

MSEC Tripod

Aluminum castings and extrusions make this a lightweight, easy-to-handle portable anchor for confined space work. Two 5/8” diameter forged steel anchor bolts are permanently attached to the head. The center bolt is for attachment of fall protection devices, while the other is for accessory items such as work winches, etc. The tripod has a maximum static load capacity of 3000 lbf. When used as part of a confined space rescue system, the work load capacity is rated at 300 lbf. .

46 lb (20.9 kg)

Rigging plate

The Paw is a streamlined anchor plate that ergonomically prevents loaded carabiners from jamming together and locking up. Smaller than its Rigger cousin, it has 4 connecting holes plus a main large hole and has a minimum breaking strength of 8000 lbs or 35 kN.

Specs :
Weight: 240 g

Rigging plate

Petzl's Rigger allows the rigging specialist to create anchor systems more simply and efficiently. It ensures the carabiners are aligned in the angle of force without them becoming wedged. By spreading out the load, the rescue or rigging is done easier and safer. The Rigger makes an ideal master anchor attachment point for complicated rigging by connecting anchor legs from a number of angles. Made of high strength aluminum alloy and with 12 holes, its minimum breaking strength is 10000 lbs or 45 kN.

Specs :
Weight: 638 g

PMI Rigging Buddy

Overstuffing a carabiner or side loading can reduce a biners’ strength by 40%. Avoid cross loading on carabiners, spread out the efficiency of anchors, or just keep lines neat and uncluttered with this versatile large rigging plate. An excellent tool for use at the main attachment point of a litter spider for vertical rescue.

Roller tunnel for use with rope

The Roll Module is a compact rope protection system with horizontal and vertical rollers to guide a moving rope with a minimum of abrasion. The modules are fitted together with maillons and this articulation allows the edge to be protected perfectly. The kit includes 4 modules, 8 maillons for assembly and a transport pouch.

Specs :
Weight: 1330 g


This unit features 3 anchors which are interconnected with the header and legs to achieve maximum strength. Legs are adjustable in 5” increments to a fully-extended height of 10 feet at the anchors. A chain threads through the legs for extra stability. The small header and extra-long aluminum legs make this tripod one of the least bulky and most versatile available. Rated to hold an NFPA rescue load at 102” and 98” extensions; holds 5,280 lbf at 119”. MSEC winches and other attachments available for this unit-call us for details.

71 lb (32.27 kg)

SMC NFPA Rigging Plate

SMC’s Rigging Plate is half the size of the bigger plates on the market. Yet it is just as strong, and with oversize holes will accommodate more gear. Contoured edges are easy on ropes, webbing, and carabiners. Each ovalized hole will easily accept 2 large carabiners while a large center hole accepts numerous connections. Certified to NFPA 1983(95ed.) “G” Rating.

Ball bearing swivel

Placed between a load and either rope or cable, the Swivel avoids severe rope twisting while the load turns. This is especially helpful when working with steel cable or for long rescue raises. Its sealed ball bearing offers a smooth and reliable rotation. Tested to a working load of 5 kN and with a breaking strength of 35 kN, it accepts up to three carabiners in the top hole.

Specs :
Weight: 131 g

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