Heavy Duty Power Winch Options

Free Spooling System
A manually operated lever clutch is available to disengage the drum, allowing the rope to be pulled out freely. The clutch is a jaw type equipped with a device to lock the clutch in the engaged position during load pulling operations. Coupled with each free-spooling system is a drag brake that is automatically applied to stop the drum rotating once the appropriate amount of wire rope has been wound off.
This Jeamar winch is designed for a multi-rope application with all the ropes coming off in the same direction. Drums are grooved with left and right-hand helix. Linepull capacity is rated at 7,000 lbs.
Grooved Double Drum
This double-drum winch is hydraulically powered and sized to accommodate large rope capacity. Grooved drums and variable-speed make this winch ideal for a number of critical applications.
Wind Off - Wind On
This Jeamar winch features a wide centre, multi-rope design with grooved drums for level winding. On each drum, one rope is overwound while the other is underwound. In operation, two ropes will wind off as the other two wind on.
Extended Distance
Push - Pull
This large-drum winch has been designed for a push-pull operation over an extended distance. Two ropes, one overwound, one underwound are ensured level winding as a result of its grooved drum.
Positive Level Winding
This double-drum winch has been fitted with a centre clutch and rotary limit switches. Its grooved drums ensure positive level winding and fleet-angle correction.
Wide Base
This unique Jeamar winch features two drums on an exceptionally wide base. Its center-driven design gives positive drive to each of its grooved drums. An electromagnetic brake is integral to the system.
Railcar Pulling
This Jeamar winch has been designed specifically for a railcar pulling operation. It features a double drum design with a centre clutch and an electromagnetic brake. The winch allows an endless-rope application where one drum pulls while the other free spools. Reversing the direction of the railcars is achieved simply by moving the clutch from one drum to the other, reversing the function of the drums.
Corrosion Resistance Package
This feature, ideal in hostile environments, protects the motor, brakes and all moving parts.

Explosion Proof
Fully explosion-proof motors, brakes and controls are available for applications in highly sensitive or volatile environments.

Variable Speed and Torque Limitation
All Jeamar winches can be supplied with a variable frequency drive package which allows variable speed operation when critical load placement is required. The variable frequency drive controls the amount of current the motor can draw, limiting the amount of torque the electric motor can produce.

Large Drums
Large capacity drums are available for installations using greater-than-normal amounts of rope.

Important: Due to Jeamar's policy of continuing development, all specifications are subject to change without notice. Users of these products are responsible for ensuring their suitability for the application in which they are being used.

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