Heavy Duty Capstan Winches

A direct-drive design increases the efficiency of the capstan winch and eliminates drive chains or bull gears to maximize power output.

Rope can come off the capstan at any angle, enabling the operator to stand in the most appropriate location.

All Jeamar winches utilize high-efficiency worm, helical, helical-worm or helical-bevel reducers plus high-capacity, anti-friction bearings designed for long life, low noise and higher output torque.

High-starting-torque, 3-phase motors are available in all standard voltages at 50 and 60 Hz. These motors are suited to railcar pulling where momentary overloads occur when a railcar is started in motion. Single phase motors at 115/230 volts at 50 or 60 Hz are available as an option on some models.

For detail on pulling railcars up grades, send for our free railcar pulling brochure, or see Railcar Pulling Detail.

Capstans can be supplied with start/stop, foot-operated controls of the 'deadman' variety. If the operators foot moves off the switch, the capstan will stop. This type of control allows the operator to use two hands on the rope, for optimum control.

Capstan winches can be supplied with either hydraulic or air motors.

Fully explosion-proof motors and controls are available for applications in hostile or volatile environments.

Capstans can be supplied with a variable frequency drive (VFD) package. The VFD controls the amount of current that the motor can draw, limiting the amount of torque that the electric motor can produce.

Important: Due to Jeamar's policy of continuing development, all specifications are subject to change without notice. Users of these products are responsible for ensuring their suitability for the application in which they are being used.

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