CFF Heavy Duty Controlled Free Fall

By simply pushing the handle back in the reverse direction, the winch will pay out at a controlled speed. The pay out speed is variable up to a predetermined maximum and is under the full control of the operator at all times. When the handle is released, the brake automatically goes on and the load is held.

A centrifugal dynamic brake is incorporated to govern maximum speed and to prevent over speeding of the load. In addition, a load-activated brake is incorporated, allowing the operator to stop and hold the load securely in any position. This unique braking system also prevents the winch handle from recoiling.

Rope life is substantially increased with drum diameters a minimum of 20 times the diameter of the rope. With wire rope under reduced bending stress, premature rope breakage is minimized.

All gears are fully enclosed, increasing operational protection and making the winch ideal for use in adverse conditions.

Important: Due to Jeamar's policy of continuing development, all specifications are subject to change without notice. Users of these products are responsible for ensuring their suitability for the application in which they are being used.

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