Petzl Carabiners

Am'D -M18
The D-shaped carabiner is very versitile. It is very strong and easy to handle when used with a pulley or a metal device.
Attache -M20
Compact and pear shaped the Attache is paticularly appreciated for its litness. They are excellent for cliping to an anchor or using with a decender.
Attache Spinball - M22
Compact and pear-shaped, the Attache carabiner is particularly appreciated for their lightness. It is an excellent carabiner for clipping to an anchor or using with a descender. It is also very effective for belaying with an Italian (Munter) hitch on a single rope.
Kador -M73
Made from steel, the auto-locking Kador is very strong and abrasion resistant, which makes it very suitable for connection to anchors and cables.
OK -M70
Oval-shaped and fitted with a manual (screwgate) locking system and Keylock system for maximum strength (20kN). It is particularly suitable for setting up hauling systems and for all operations involving the use of pulleys.
William -M26
The William carabiner is very useful for attaching several ropes or webbing slings to an anchor, or attaching several metal devices. The wide gate opening allows the clipping of rungs or bars of up to 25 mm in diameter.

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